Frequently Asked Questions

Classical homeopath is a person who prescribes remedies according to the principles of Homeopathy i.e. one remedy at a time and minimal doses as required

Homeopathic treatment is custom made for each individual i.e. it is holistic treatment. So to understand the whole person we need to know in detail the chief complaints, medical history, likes, dislikes, emotional and mental issues in past and ongoing. The consultation will also include observation of your close ones like parents/ partner/ siblings/ friends.

Follow ups are an extremely important part of homeopathic treatment, during follow up a homeopath judges the health of a person and also judges when to repeat the medicine when not to repeat and when to change the medicine.

Everyone has different level of health and immunity. Everybody responds to medicine differently so it can take from 6 months to 6 to 10 years depending on what chronic disease you are suffering from and for how long you have been suffering for.

For effective treatment you have to avoid certain substances and food products that may hinder homeopathic treatment e.g. coffee, mint, strong spicy food, perfumes etc. If we can follow “satvik“ diet it will be the best for the treatment.
Most importantly coffee has been observed by many homeopaths to disrupt the remedy action.
Strong stimulants are not good for body in general as they can harm in many ways.

It is in itself a very elaborate topic to understand. In short it works on the principle of “like cures like“.
Homeopathic remedies undergo dilution and succession which makes them more potent and dynamic in nature.

Yes, you can take Homeopathic medicine along with your ongoing conventional medicine.

No, we are not registered GP, so keep in touch with your GP for any diagnosis, test and emergency consultations.

Prescribed doses differ from person to person. It comes by experience and thorough knowledge when to repeat a dose and how many to give. Any medicine taken in large dose can harm and can produce medicinal symptoms in person. Seek advice of an experienced classical homeopath before taking any remedies.

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Our Homeopathic treatment is individualized, meaning that the remedy is chosen based on the unique symptoms of each patient.