About Abrosia

Ambrosia is derived from the Greek word “ambrotos” and means immortality. It is commonly referred as the food of the Gods; food that confers longevity.

Homeopathic medicines enhance longevity when prescribed according to the principles of homeopathy by a qualified classical homeopath. Homeopathy treats a person mentally, emotionally and physically. Homeopathy is like Yoga and helps rebalance the whole body for longer duration.

As in Yoga a right teacher is important to get the practice right, in Homeopathy a skilled and qualified Classical Homeopath is required to help the individual.

Longevity is a mix of many things and depends not only on the health treatment we choose but also on our lifestyle; the food we eat and exercise we do. We can only maintain a healthy outside when the inside is healthy. We believe a holistic approach is needed to maintain a healthy body and mind. An approach that works on all aspects of a person and cures at all levels – physical, mental and emotional. An approach that is a combination of food, exercise and health treatment. AMBROSIA is our holistic approach to treating individuals which combines Homeopathy, Nutrition and Yoga to deliver lasting and sustainable health benefits in a natural way.

AMBROSIA is a holistic approach that is the need of today’s world and we will ensure we provide you with expertise in all the fields of Ambrosia. AMBROSIA welcomes you on your journey towards natural health and longevity.

Ready to live a happy and healthy life?

Our Homeopathic treatment is individualized, meaning that the remedy is chosen based on the unique symptoms of each patient.